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"San Francisco Dance Sensation"

Chuck Brown adds another event to his "Dance Sensation" portfolio!



It began several years ago with "Reno Dance Sensation" - a highly produced dance event that included an elaborate theatrical stage show, a charity bowling tournament and a mountain resort setting that was unparalleled on the Swing Dance Circuit. Chuck Brown, the Steven Spielberg of event directors, introduced some incredible acts. He brought in an actual plane on stage with dancers on the wings ("All That"), a clogging dance team ("Southern Belles"), belly dancers (Veena & Neena), national singers (Barbara Morrison and Brother Yusef) - and splashed news about it on billboards and television stations in Reno. It was amazing.


Next he created events in Hawaii and Chico that were less elaborate but catered to specialized audiences. Now he has set up camp in San Francisco where the scenery is magnificent and the weather is wonderful - and prepares to impress us again. Here's Chuck Brown, impresario of the Swing Dance world, to tell us about his exciting plans for San Francisco Dance Sensation.



USASN: No Swing event director has sought to do such creative and elaborate entertainment productions in connection with their events as you have. What makes you tick and what's your philosophy?
CB: I like to avoid the status quo, push the envelope, take risks, do it better. I want my "Dance Sensation" branded events to be less stuffy, highly professional and lots of fun.

We were the first to use a lit background with gobos and colored theatrical lights. The first to produce a 4-color event program. The first to produce a full stage show to attract the public. We want to be different and better.


USASN: What can we expect from the new San Francisco Dance Sensation in the way of unique features and presentations?
CB: We'll have "leveled" workshops that require auditions to attend - just like you see at dance events in Europe and Asia. We'll offer a "solo dance training track" for Jazz, Contemporary, Ballet, Hip-Hop, and House style dancing. And we'll have bands playing everything from Blues to Contemporary music.


USASN: You drew as many as 700 dancers to your Reno event. What are you attendance expectations for San Francisco this year and what is your ultimate goal for this event in the way of attendance and production elements?
CB: We're expecting anywhere between 700 and 1,000 attendees this year. Ultimately, we'll be shooting for 1,500 people. We want to add major entertainers and more elaborate stage production.


USASN: You have been a competitor, a choreographer, a judge, an international instructor, and an event director. Which role do you enjoy most?
CB: I like competing at the Champion level. Judging is probably the hardest thing I do. Teaching dance and hosting dance events is the most satisfying and rewarding experience.



USASN: Over the past few years, what countries have you traveled to as an instructor? Any favorites or favorite moments?
CB: France, Russia, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore. My special moments are when students I have taught overseas return to a dance event in the United States and come up to me to give me a hug. Also, being able to experience people and cultures from around the world.



USASN: What are you plans for the future in the way of event productions, travel and promotion of Swing?
CB: I'd like to be a production consultant for dance events and a liaison for international entities. I plan to bring Hawaii Dance Sensation back this year. Basically, I'd like to do my part to help make West Coast Swing huge all across America and around the world.



USASN: Any closing thoughts about your upcoming event that you want to share with our tens of thousands of readers?
CB: San Francisco Dance Sensation will be an incredible experience. We'll have great Pros and great Comps. The Weekend Pass includes all Workshops and the Entertainment Show. And the BART transit system goes from the airport directly to the hotel. Don't miss it.



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