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New cellphone application developed by Robert Royston



Robert Royston is a National Champion Dancer, Renowned Choreographer, Film Producer, and Theatrical Producer. You'd think that would be enough in the way of creative accomplishment, but not for Robert. He has now added "Application Software Producer" to his resume and plans to have a global impact on the way people use organize information on their cellphones.

He and his team of programmers have created "Quidamo", an application that organizes key categories of information for easy access on your digital device. Here's more...

USASN: Tell us what it is and how it works.
RR: It’s a cellphone application that provides you with the easiest way to be a FAN of something. It allows you to easily follow your favorite music artists, sports teams, TV shows, films, actors and more. Just put them in “My Q”.

You can connect to various websites and social media with the simple push of a button (Qube). You can keep abreast of the news about all your favorite things. You can also buy songs, movies, TV shows - and, coming soon, concert tickets.


USASN: Explain the name and the logo.
RR: Quidamo means "What I Love". The Octopus symbolizes the fact that we reach out into so many places.

USASN: What's the cost and what devices will be able to use this application?
RR: The application is free. Currently, it is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.3 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. Android coming soon.

USASN: Do you plan any extensions, spinoffs or other applications?
RR: IRDC Applications, our company, will be building many apps in the future as well as licensing our frame work.


USASN: How did you get involved in the digital programming realm?
RR: WCS Social Dancer and programmer extraordinaire Jason Hull, brought a framework to me but didn't know what to do with it. So me being an idea guy, I came up with a version of what we are doing now. Jason and myself spent many hours thinking this through and it really is a 50/50 partnership. I feel blessed that he gave me the opportunity to brainstorm with him.

USASN: In a few words, give us a "commercial" for your new product that will inspire our dancers and their friends to add this application to their digital devices.
RR: Quidamo is a revolutionary application that brings you closer to your interests by delivering ways of learning about what’s going on with them. Quidamo helps you find out about new music, where your favorite music artists are performing, what’s going on with your favorite sports teams, about current and new television shows and movies. By bringing the social access together for all of these things and more, you can be in the know and feel more involved with your interests.


Love it!!!

by Weedwillie
I love the app!!! I really like the feedback button, most apps don't seem to care what I think lol. I will use this daily for my fav singers and sport teams


by pwtv
I love that I can follow and see all the information about my favorite artists. I also like the movie ratings and trailers.


by Mdkh20
Wow! What a great idea, wish I had thought of it! Everything about my favorites in one place!! I'll keep using this app! Well Done... I'm a fan!































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