Brent and Kellese Key are two the most celebrated Swing dancers in America. They have earned championship titles in the US Open and other major Swing events over a span of three decades. More than that, they are two of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.

Recently, they created a new variation on West Coast Swing that combines Aerobic Fitness Training and Swing Dance Movements. They call it "Swank" and it's spreading all across the country. You've probably seen their devotees clad in brightly colored "Swank" tee-shirts at recent dance conventions.

Brent and Kellese are on a mission. They want everyone to get in shape through dancing and aerobics. Here's your chance to learn more about the Swank Dance Fitness Movement.

USASN: How did this all start?

: I was loosing my dad to cancer and wanted to stay by his side every minute. I still needed to make money as I have two beautiful children to feed. So, I decided to create my 1st ever DVD set. I was excited because I decided to build it in front of my dad. I have always wanted to be as successful as my parents and I have always wanted them to see it. So, off I went to create.


If you know me, you know that I always want to be different - outside the box. So I decided to "give away" my own personal West Coast workout. My goal was to get everyone Fit and Learning West Coast Swing without even realizing it!


Sadly, just 3 short weeks after my decision to build Swank, God took my dad on Easter. I was devastated. This was my first loss and it was my DAD! I had two choices: take that pain and build the best company I could and show my dad in Heaven, or Qquit and blame it on my losses. Well, I stuck it out and it has been one of the hardest journeys of my life. But now I can say proudly, "Today, I bring you Swank Dance Fitness in Loving Memory of my Dad, Douglas Lee Chilton!"

USASN: Explain how the program works and why it is so appealing to dancers and non-dancers alike.

B&K: The program takes you back to the fundamentals of dance. It teaches you how to move one piece at a time into one move at a time through an incredibly fun Cardio workout!


Swank is the New Hybrid of Fitness and Dance - getting the Fitness fans working out together for the first time and Partner dancing in the end while the dance fans get fit and build their confidence in their own dance before partnering.


A lot of people are afraid to learn partner dancing but secretly dream of doing it. This is an appealing way to teach it to them. Basically, we let them exercise their way into it. They learn styling and confidence BEFORE they have to partner. No more being afraid!  And, for the dancers who already know partner dancing, they get to practice on their own. Aerobic fans learn to dance, dance fans learn to train.

USASN: Where have you taught Swank workshops and who is signing up for them?

B&K: So far, Swank has been Introduced to Australia, California, Florida, London, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and Texas. Everyone of all ages is loving Swank! They all understand how it works very quickly and they see the benefits very quickly!! We have been trying different things and we have this entire Swing Dance Community behind us!

USASN: What are some of the comments that you've been getting about the program?

B&K: The dancers are saying they wish they would have learned West Coast Swing this way in the first place! Aerobics fans are saying that the workout is carving away inches!! Even young people are extremely excited and cannot believe they are partner dancing just after learning the workout! I am getting great positive feedback. Amen! I am happy with the overall response! We are very excited!

USASN: Will there ever be a Swank competition or contest?
B&K: Yes, we have HUGE PLANS for Swank Dance Fitness. Keep your eyes open!

USASN: What are your long-term plans to promote, teach and expand Swank?
B&K: We are initially placing our focus on the Fitness World as this is how we will expand our Swank Community. However, my direct loyalty lies in the Dance Community so I have created an O Crew - "the Original Crew" - to lead the way with Brent and myself. This O Crew is a very special group of people who represent the Swank Brand.


We are stationed all over the globe. We are all preparing Seminars in all of the Cities to Certify Instructors to teach Swank! We want to share Swank all over the world which will directly feed our own Community!

USASN: Where can people purchase the instructional DVDs and tee-shirts?
B&K: Yes, please visit our website. We are adding to it everyday. We have our Fashion Line called "Swank Threadz" and we have our Jewelry Line called "Swankccessories" coming VERY SOON! We will continue to surprise you!


Just visit www.swankit.com for all the details.



USASN: Any last comments?
B&K: Yes, I want to thank this Community for being our family and for supporting us in this endeavor. We can all showcase this terrific family and grow the program exponentially!


Swank you very much everyone!!