West Coast Swing dance conventions are entertainment. Their relative popularity is based, in part, on the venue, on the competitions and workshops offered, and on the caliber of the pro staff. But overall physical presentation is what makes some events especially prestigious and unique. From the moment you arrive at the hotel to the moment you enter the ballroom, everything the event director does creates an "impression" and a "standard". If done well, that impresses the dancers and it shows up in attendance.





Location: Houston, Texas
When: January
Estimated Attendance: 1,200
Event Director: Cher Peadon


It's called the "Crown Jewel" of West Coast Swing events - and for good reason. From its website to its logo to its lobby display to its ballroom to its Glam Night, to its Oscar-like gold statuette called the MACCI, America's Classic is a well-staged, sophisticated presentation.

As you arrive at the lobby you are welcomed by a giant recreation of the   America's Classic logo as if arriving at the Academy Awards. It immediately    conveys prestige and it also serves as an attractive backdrop for posed photos.  It makes a great First Impression and hints that what's ahead is going to be very exciting.


As Director Cher Peadon says, "When dancers arrive at The Americas' Classic
Championships, we want to let them know immediately that they are at a Championship event. Our goal is to exude prestige and elegance at every level."


The next stop is the ballroom itself. The 5,000 sf dance floor is surrounded on three sides by tiered riser seating that not only offers great sightlines but also creates an "arena" effect that packs 20% more spectators in to the same space that would be occupied with tables. That creates more energy in the room. All this is focused on the elaborate stage platform where competitors are


"We have a dramatic stage layout that consists of rich Crown Royal purple curtains, stage lighting, risers, a formal center entrance, our logo and MACCI as the backdrop, a red carpet staircase, and plant accents. We want to convey the fact that this is a very prestigious event and that our performing dancers are the best in the world."

The overall visual impact is dramatic. And it's well-suited for what comes next.

It's called "Saturday Glam Night" and it's a one-of-a-kind affair. Dancers arrive dressed in their finest fashions to mix, mingle and dance. If America's Classic is the Crown Jewel of Swing events, then Glam Night is the Oscars after-party.

And if all that wasn't enough to get you excited, at ACC they also feed you! Yes, for Gold Level ticket holders, a tasty midnight breakfast buffet is provided at the peak of Late Night Dancing on Friday and Saturday night to help give you the energy you need to last till the wee hours.

When you look at it in its totality, the America's Classic Championship is one of the classiest dance event on the Swing dance circuit. Everything about it is first-class and inspiring. It's a fitting way to start of each calendar year.
Visit www.americasclassic.com for complete details.
"When you come to America's Classic, you can expect a first-class atmosphere and exceptional treatment. Presentation and Experience means everything to us. We think it's important for all event directors to approach their events this way. Having branded signage in the lobby, formal backdrops and staging in the ballroom, riser seating for great sightlines, and an overall sense of exceptional customer service is essential to promoting quality and making our Swing dance conventions grow."